Kinky and Proud's main purpose is to help inspire women to embrace their natural hair. However it may come out of your scalp I want to remind you that it is beautiful in all it's glory. Don't let anyone tell you different. Your natural hair is who you are, who you truly are and I'm telling you it's a beautiful thing. I get so much joy when I see women showing off what God gave them.
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22.Apr.14 1 day ago
do you know of any online sites to buy extra long marley hair?

I’m not sure personally. But from experience if you do Marley braids it’ll help stretch out the Marley hair. Before I cut my crochet braids the hair was nearly waist length. I recycle my Marley hair as well, up to 3 times.

22.Apr.14 1 day ago
I have 3c/4a shoulder length hair and am wanting to install my own marley twists. I've never had extensions before and all the tutorials I've seen for marleys have been on 4C hair. any advice on the process? My natural coils hold twists somewhat well, but I was thinking of combing out my dry hair before I install to give it more grip so the style lasts longer and to blend with the coarser marley hair?

I have the same hair type as well and when I do Marley Twist I wash, condition, deep condition, air dry my hair and then put my hair into 4 sections. After that I comb my hair out with a wide tooth comb and then I apply a leave-in conditioner (Cantu Shea Butter Leave-in Conditioner) and then I apply either coconut oil, castor oil, or peppermint & tea tree oil combo. And then I proceed to twist my hair. Sometimes I have to retwist my hair in between because isn’t that coarse. I hope this helps, enjoy your Marley twist 😁😁

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Your photos make me smile. Great blog :)

Yes! Mission accomplished, and your support makes me smile. Thank you dear and have a lovely Easter Sunday 🌸🐰

20.Apr.14 2 days ago